Webuzo Licenses

Webuzo is an easy to use standalone single user control panel and LAMP stack used to deploy applications across multiple domains as well as manage areas such as domains, users, FTP, etc. Webuzo is cloud enabled – which means it can be easily integrated into your existing private or public cloud configurations.
  • Cloud enabled
  • Wide range of platform support i.e. VMWare, Parallels
  • Deployed on your server, virtual machine or cloud
  • Installable on VPS
  • Deployment across multiple domains
  • Enduser/Admin panel for security
$2.25 / mo

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As a single user control panel and a LAMP stack, Webuzo can deploy a multitude of virtual instances. To this date, there are 322 native applications plus the additional 1115 available as part of the Softaculous release.

Webuzo is very simple to use and features both an intuitive GUI and Cloud Launcher to boot. As part of the very many options available, Webuzo allows it’s administrators to easily monitor development and deployment of applications, domain, FTP and user management plus much much more.

Aspects such as access (in terms of security) can be easily configured in the enduser/admin area. In this same section of management, administrators can also set FTP access, SSL certificate, CSR and Private keys. SSH access can also be enabled/disabled with ease.

Key features:

  • Amazon Web Services, VMWare, VirtualBox and Parallels support
  • Virtualization ready
  • Full control of deployed applications
  • Does not require a panel to operate
  • Large choice of apps and classes
  • Safe and secure
  • Configurable for VPS
  • Domain, user and FTP management
  • PHP, MySQL and Perl support
Webuzo licenses from only $13.75/month
Webuzo is a fantastic panel due to the ease of installing and vast amount of scripts. Memory and CPU usage is really low with Webuzo. It’s highly recommended for VPS and dedicated environments.