LiteSpeed Licenses

LiteSpeed Web Server is the leading commercial web server and serves as a high performing Apache compatible drop in replacement that is ready to use with existing control panels such as cPanel. As a replacement to Apache, LiteSpeed Web Server can be installed and configured in its place in just 15 minutes. Its creators and adopters maintain that LiteSpeed Web Server is significantly faster than Apache.
  • Lightweight
  • Scales with your requirements
  • Interchangeable with Apache
  • Faster than Apache in many areas
  • Compatible with cPanel
  • Web interface
  • DoS attack prevention
$13.75 / mo

Buy LiteSpeed Web Server licenses from us and we guarantee the best prices on the Internet.

An alternative to Apache, LiteSpeed Web Server offers many advantages over its competitor. One such popular reason for users switching to LiteSpeed Web Server is due to its speed advantage – in many cases, it is significantly faster than Apache – notably with dynamic PHP based content.

LiteSpeed Web Server can be integrated with cPanel (WHM), making it very flexible depending on your preferences.

Highly interchangeable with Apache, LiteSpeed Web Server can be deployed and configured in as little as 15 minutes. LiteSpeed is designed to implement Apache’s httpd.conf and .htaccess files so there is no need for additional configurations. Equally important, LiteSpeed is built upon existing Apache features and improves on them, e.g. DoS attack prevention and effective management of servers with high volumes of traffic.

Key features:

  • Highly stable
  • Interchangeable with Apache
  • Lightweight
  • Significantly faster than competitors
  • DoS attack prevention
  • Intuitive web interface
  • High degree of scalability
  • Compatible with cPanel and WebHostManager
  • Configured in just 15 minutes
LiteSpeed licenses from only $13.75/month
Overall, LiteSpeed Web Server is the market leader in commercial web servers. Whilst other web servers may do a similar job, they don’t offer as many features and functions. Many cPanel administrators find LiteSpeed Web Server suitable for advanced needs.